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Bring your schools virtual tour to life

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Virtual tours have been around for many years for academic institutions. They are a great way to see a 360 degree view of a location that a prospective student might not be able to visit in person. Many times though, they can be impersonal and lack information. At White Neon Media we have developed the Cinematic Virtual Tour to make your campus stand out from the rest.

We incorporate our years of filmmaking into your virtual tour. Every location is accompanied with a professionally shot and edited video component. On-camera talent will guide you through the campus.

Every tour is custom designed from the ground up for your needs. We can scale up much larger than just a house. We can make a virtual tour for an entire city or university campus.

Every location can be seen 360 degrees from the ground or from the sky with a drone.

Our tours are a journey of multimedia, where users can dig deeper and deeper into its contents. We offer a true virtual 360 experiential tour. Senses are engaged. Every audio and visual detail is considered as we work with you to create custom audio, video and photos that enhance your virtual tour.

Meticulously edited for content, color accuracy and clarity, our visual artists produce the highest resolution 3D biomes that will allow your viewers to easily navigate the site and appreciate the smallest of details.

All tours are custom-built from the ground up.

  • 100-megapixel resolution 360 degree biomes.

  • Embed custom video and photos to bring a location to life.

  • All locations are digitally edited to remove unwanted objects and enhance color.

  • Navigate in 3D space or use the custom menu.

  • Works on desktop, mobile and VR headset.

  • Travel between locations from the sky.

  • Download important documents and files such as applications from within the tour.

  • Custom text for each location.

  • All tours are built custom from the ground up.

  • On-camera talent to welcome and guide the viewer.

Please contact to discuss how we can help you make a virtual tour that comes to life.

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