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Why invest in academic marketing photography?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

You've done it! After months of working with web developers, graphic designers and a top notch marketing agency, your refreshed website is live and your new branding materials are going to print.

But you seem to be having trouble finding images that match your beautiful new logo and tagline. You are sorting through countless iPhone images, event photos that are not useable, images from a marketing campaign four years ago featuring staff and students that are long gone. Photos that are blurry, low res, flat and worst of all.......boring. Things are not looking good.

So let's take a look at another option. Before the first line of code was written and before the first piece of marketing materials was designed, you had a professional photography team capture every aspect of your institution over the course of 5 days.

They captured classroom photos, casual moments in the halls, celebration at the game, teamwork on an engineering build, the perfect moment of suspense in theater class. Photos of teachers working closely with students on a beautiful campus, all captured in sharp, vibrant and full-resolution detail.

Not only did these photographers capture scenes and light them in a fresh way that you have not seen before, they worked at an incredible pace to maximize the diversity of their content.

Instead of putting images last, you put them first. That's why when it came time to design the brochure and website, the web and graphic designers were able to hit the ground running.

Good marketing photography is not just about documenting an organization. It's about creating striking visuals full of energy and life. These are the assets designers need to produce stellar marketing materials.

White Neon Media has been photographing higher-ed and private schools since 2009. We take pride in our original and captivating images. We have worked closely with designers and we know how important strong images are to the overall design and we shoot with their needs in mind.

We love what we do! Our passion is creating vibrant, eye-catching and original visuals that make your institution stand out to your target audience.

This year we're providing a 5-day, institution-wide photo package. We deliver an average of 500 edited images, including drone photos, for each day of shooting. We aim to capture every aspect of your school – from classrooms to extracurricular activities to game day celebrations.

We also provide a video B-roll package that we can do at the same time. We shoot footage at each location after the photo session is complete. We provide 15 to 25 minutes of unedited B-roll footage each day.

White Neon Media guarantees you'll love the images. If you are not fully satisfied, we won't stop until you are.

While other schools are digging through old catalogs of the same images used countless times before, you will be ready to go.

Please contact us at to talk about how we can help you on your next marketing project!

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